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  • flexible design

    While providing a furniture-quality picture frame for your view, our design choices offer flexibility to meet your needs. We offer a choice in wood species, wood finish, and profiles to match your home’s styling. Exterior finishes include: wood, clad aluminum and bronze with a myriad of colors and finishes available.

  • high quality

    The European-engineered window is a quality product. We have graduated from a training program on the manufacturing techniques of the best German and Italian window jointers and rely on their track record of superior quality, performance and reliability. We use the finest materials, including hand-selected FSC certified timber, Cardinal or Alpen Glass, Siegenia hardware, and Gutmann cladding.

  • technology

    We have partnered to create a window package that can be automated for added convenience and efficiency. ChiaraTech is our product line which includes the ability to automate shades, bug screens, and window openings. These can be controlled with a home automation system, or with your smartphone. The integration of this technology is more streamlined than conventional building methods using multiple trades. The aesthetics are superior. 

  • high performance

    Currently the amount of energy supplied to the U.S. by the Alaskan pipeline is equal to the amount of energy lost through through windows in the average American home either as heat loss or cooling loss. The technology to change this is here. We offer a variety of performance levels for a wide range of climates. Our highest performance window, Synergist, is the first American-made window that is internationally certified by the Passive House Institute.
  • Introducing Synergist

    We have obtained the first Passive House Window Certificate in the US!  Known as Synergist, this window is the only Passive House Institute certified, timber, out-swing casement window in the world. Production will begin later this month in central California.


    For additional information see the press release from Rangate, our tooling partners.


    Synergist will be on display at the Passive House North 2013 Conference in Vancouver. Come see for yourself!


    Check out a 3D Model of Synergist.